Phase 1 Reopening

We are excited to welcome you back into Volcanic and fill our space with communal energy again! We need your help to make sure the guidelines are followed so we can keep everyone as safe as possible and remain open.

We have worked hard to arrange the furniture in such a way to allow the most available seating while keeping parties 6 feet away from each other, so DO NOT MOVE THE FURNITURE. If there are 3 chairs at a table, that is the most people that can sit there. We have one seating area for a party of 6, unless it is the last area available, please save it for larger parties.

Only sit with the people you came with. We know Volcanic is a social place for many of you, a place to visit with friends who you may not see otherwise, but unless you are invited and everybody verbally gives consent to sharing their 6 feet of space, please do not join someone's seating area. We understand this is going to be hard, but this is one thing that will feel different when you return, and unfortunately, there isn't anything we can do about it.

If you bring your dog, please be mindful of the space they take up. Seating is limited and we need to maintain social distancing, so make sure they are out of the way and not interfering with people's ability to keep a safe distance from others.

The coolers are not self serve. If you choose to drink at Volcanic you will be drinking out of bottles and cans (clap your hands!). We ask that you browse the coolers to find your drink of choice and then relay your choice to the beertender, they will retrieve it form the cooler for you. This will minimize contact with the cooler doors and beers, and help us keep track of tabs.

We will be charging corking fees of $1.50 per beer. If you buy a six pack and want to drink any of them here and take the rest home, you will be charged for each can separately (not the 6-pack price) plus corking fees for the the number of beers you consume at Volcanic.

You must have a seat to stay and hang out. If there is not a seat for you, you cannot linger or stand. You must stay seated unless you are getting a drink or using the bathroom. There can be no lingering at the bar or gathering on the north side by the cooler area.

To buy beer to go...

Only one party is allowed to browse the coolers at a time. If someone is already browsing, please wait near the front of the shoppe.

Browse (with your eyes not your hands). Coolers are not self serve right now. Take a look and choose what you'd like to purchase. You can write it down (there are pads and pens on the table by the door) or just tell the beertender what you'd like. They will get it from the cooler and take it to the computer and ring you up.

We will continue curbside and home delivery for those who would like to continue those services. Feel free to call and order just like you have been and we're happy to deliver beer to your car.

We're also happy to continue creating mix-packs for you and providing recommendations or curated orders for you, so just ask!

We realize these are significant changes, so we have lots of signage up around the shoppe. Read up when you arrive and feel free to ask us questions! We know it's exciting to return, and we know this new way of being in our space will be an adjustment for all of us. We thank you for your efforts in keeping our staff and our community safe and for your patience as we once again venture into a new realm.

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